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We are an all-volunteer membership organization.  All members  volunteer to help other members.  The annual membership cost during the pandemic (through at least 3/31/21) is half the customary rate: $60.  Annual fee for a couple residing in the same household shall be 1-1/2  of a full membership. A limited number of reduced fee memberships are also available.

e Aging-in-Place Concept

Rhinebeck at Home joins over 250 existing "aging in place" villages and another 125+ villages that are in development. We are a part of the Village to Village Network (VtV), a national peer-to-peer network that helps establish and continuously improve management of villages, whether in large metropolitan areas, rural towns or suburban settings. The mission of VtV is to enable communities to establish and effectively manage aging in community organizations initiated and inspired by their members.

Villages that are part of VtV are membership-driven, grass-roots organizations, and are typically run by some staff and many volunteers. To learn more about Village to Village, visit their website, or click here.

Our History

The Town of Rhinebeck Committee on Aging became aware of the "aging in place" concept in 2007 and joined with our neighbors from the greater Poughkeepsie area in exploring the possibility of creating something modeled on Boston's ground-breaking Beacon Hill Village. Distance and cost estimates essentially derailed the concept of just one organization in Dutchess County.  

A 2011 survey by the Town of Rhinebeck Committee on Aging identified more than 70 Rhinebeck residents who were interested in learning more about the possibility of an aging-in-place organization for Rhinebeck. A small group of Rhinebeck residents formed a not-for-profit organization and held many meetings and gatherings of interested persons.

Northern Dutchess Hospital provided us with office space; the Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley provided fiscal sponsorship; we developed policies and procedures; the Frost Memorial Fund provided seed funding; we obtained insurance and established membership criteria. We finally launched on Thursday, May 9th, 2013 with 40 members and have since grown to 127 members.

Officers & Board of Directors

Officers                                                                Directors
Nina Lynch, President                                          Joyce Carter-Krawczyk
Anne Brueckner, Vice President                         Teppie Lampros
Linda Stanley, Secretary                                      Chuck Mishaan
Francois Weigel, Treasurer                                  Anne Sunners
                                                                                Leslie Weinstock

  • Members in Rhinebeck at Home believe in helping ourselves and each other lead fully engaged lives
  • Members engage in planning and attending enriching programs and activities
  • Rhinebeck at Home encourages and coordinates the efforts of our members to give and receive support  

Members help members in some of the following ways:

  • Transportation
  • Providing referrals to other community service organizations
  • Helping each other do things
  • Sharing member-recommended service provider referrals
  • Doing things together: offering opportunities to forge new friendships through all-member events and through small group activities built on shared interest in art, local history, music, books, sports, film, the environment, cooking, eating out, etc.

 How we do it:

  • Calling the office phone at 845-379-1114 provides access to an experienced volunteer coordinator
  • The volunteer office staff will assist members in finding the services they need.


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